Specialists in Gasfitting

Replacing your electric cooktop or hot water cylinder with gas?

We install, service and repair gas cooktops and continuous water heaters.

See us before you purchase to ensure your choices are as practical and suited to your needs as they are stylish. That’s critical if you’re looking at imported cooktops which don’t always meet New Zealand safety standards

And with water heaters it’s important to strike a balance between only paying to heat what you need and having sufficient hot water on tap, when you need it.

Think your gas appliance might be leaking?

Turn the gas off at the cylinder immediately and call us. If we can’t be there quickly, we’ll recommend another qualified professional who may be able to help. And if we say we’ll be there shortly, you can count on it.

Building a new home or business premises?

We'll install your gas appliances and will be available to service or maintain them as required by the warranty and to keep them running optimally.

And as Certifying Gasfitters we can provide all the paperwork to prove the job is code compliant.